Weekend Reading

Here are a few helpful, interesting, funny, or happy things I found over the past week…

15 independent activities for one-year olds, and 15 more. Some fantastic, easy (not to mention free) ideas in here! We already do the fabric scraps in a kleenex box.

52 kids painting ideas for a year’s worth of creativity. “Why paint with a brush when you could paint with a _____?”

Ten ways to nurture positive body image for your daughter

From Carol Tuttle, the Child Whisperer: Different types of discipline for different types of children and could ADHD in children be  a gift and not a disorder? (which goes through her 4 different energy types for children, so worth a read even if you’re note interested in reading about ADHD).

This made me cry. You’ve been warned. Enjoying the small things: A birth story. About discovering Down Syndrome.

My new favorite recipe (made it twice!) Butternut Squash & Roasted Corn Soup. I actually reserved some before I added the corn and milk for Munchkin — great baby food, freezes well, Munchkin LOVES it!

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea… Beluga whale “makes human-like sounds” Play the audio clip for your baby :)


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