Weekend Reading

Here are a few helpful, interesting, funny, or happy things I found over the past week…

Recipes for Adults from the Honest Toddler… I literally LOLed. “If you need help finding tacos, do not turn to Pinterest where bad ideas are rewarded with attention.” In case you needed a new recipe for dinner tonight:

Chicken Pot Pie

Step 1: Put Chicken Pot Pie on the table.

Step 2: Buy a regular delicious pie.

Step 3: Put a large blanket over Chicken Pot Pie.

Step 4: Eat regular pie.

Do any of these hit home for you? 10 ways to be an unhappy mother. I am especially guilty of #3 (Base your contentment on the state of your house). And some version of #4 (not to “Allow ‘them’ to dictate your priorities”), I would add that I was much happier once I figured out that tv/ads/magazines/books/well-meaning-relatives/etc. often promote the wrong information about child behavior and development, and to listen to my instincts instead of “them.” For us it was/is mostly an issue with sleep – Munchkin has never slept where and for how long she was “supposed to,” and ate quite a bit more frequently as a newborn as well … It’s amazing how liberating it is to realize your child is normal instead of abnormal.

Which led me to this awesomeness: Let’s all compare our perfect lives then try to enjoy our day.

Which reminded me of this:

Just two more…

Top 10 foods for breastfeeding moms

Letting Dad be Dad


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